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Van Hover Concept is the only company in Belgium that is specialised in motor sports marketing. We arrange professional sponsoring in motor sports for you and form a direct link between your company and the many CEOs in the world of racing.

We ensure that you get the most out of your budget and that you appeal to and reach the right target group with your sponsorship. You will have the opportunity to further expand or strengthen your professional network and all this in a relaxed and sporting atmosphere, at races and track days.


Fish where the fish are! 

In addition to the acquisition of brand awareness through branding on the race track, through our unique video reports and even the making of your own company video, Jürgen van Hover offers you a special business platform that has already helped 200 companies achieve their goals and helps you to further develop a quality network. Using a unique introduction system, Jürgen will arrange an appointment for you with an SME of your choice.


Also enjoy our VIP incentives where your customers are pampered in a classy setting. 

Not only can you and your clients attend spectacular races, but you can also take a seat in a real racing car yourself; as a passenger or behind the wheel. You can choose. It promises to be an unforgettable moment and it will only strengthen your bond with your customers or your employees. 


The green wave. Is it still justifiable for a company to invest in motor racing? 

Porsche racing cars have been developed to run on synthetic fuel as well. Porsche has been using such E-fuels for some time in order to lower the CO2 emissions of combustion engines. Such synthetic fuel is made by combining CO2 from the air with 'green' hydrogen to distil synthetic methanol. In this way, the fuel is CO2-neutral. Porsche is working with Siemens and ExxonMobil on this. The production of E-fuels will start in 2022. This will make the racing Porsches even greener than electric cars, if you take the production into account.


We propose different forms of sponsorship, taking into account everyone's budget.

Further below, you can find our different sponsorship packages or request our free brochure


Sponsorship with a 'money back guarantee'; how does it work?

As a world first, Van Hover Concept offers its customers a sponsoring package with a 'money back guarantee', without any pitfalls! It works very simply.

Method I

You choose a sponsoring package. You receive an invoice. You pay the invoice. The services are provided as agreed and as specified in the sponsoring package. If you do not generate any turnover from the sponsorship that exceeds the amount invested with facor 3, a credit note will be issued and you will receive a full refund. The factor depends on your profit margin and can be adjusted up or down. Of course, this is done contractually in advance.

Method II

You choose a sponsor package. A contract is drawn up with a claim. You will only receive an invoice after your sponsorship has earned sufficient returns as described in Manner I. The term is one year. If the target is not achieved, you get your money back. You can use a debt claim for accounting purposes if necessary.

What are the additional conditions for obtaining free sponsorship? 

You must receive, without obligation, a commercial proposal from a limited number of our partners. If you are not interested in the proposal, you leave things as they were.

How can we offer this? 

Firstly, 50% of the sponsorship for the 2022 season has already been secured. Secondly, we achieve an average return on equity of 30% per year. Thirdly, we assume that enough business will be generated within our contacts that the sponsorship will be amply recouped.

 What guarantee do you have that you will get your money back? 

Van Hover Concept has been a healthy company, free of debts, since 2003. A non-repayment would cost the company more than it yields. We therefore draw up a clear contract in mutual consultation.


Only invest? 

If you only want to earn money, please contact us.

We have an average proven return of 30% per year, this with little risk, and can therefore certainly make you a good proposal.


Sponsor packages 

Prices only valid for the Porsche Carrera Cup Benelux. World Championship Porsche Supercup on request.

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